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    Tianjin Sufuju Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary company of Shanghai Longda Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. The company was founded in December 11th 2011 and located in Tianjin City, China. The plant size is around 5000 Sqm with 7 below molding machines and 46,000 pieces of Lubricating Oil Vessels output per day. The main customers are Total、SK、Shanghai Volkswagen、Toyota.....etc. In 2015 March, we increased 2 accumulator-type blow molding machines to output 3,000 pieces of blow molding products. The main products are plastic parts for automotive field. Those products are using with car brand Foton and Toyota. The other Duct products are providing to customers Donaldson、Kyoraku….. and so on. We also got the TS16949 certificated in February 2016. 


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